Yes, Today

by Dyalekt

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I bet you think this song is about you.


I know I will make it someday
& I know you already think it's lovely
& I know we both wanna see our luck change
but someday just ain't today

I don't want to be distracted
& you don't want to be inactive
& we don't want to need the madness
Let's hold on to today

I don't want to just forget it
But you don't wan't to trust my ethics
& we don't want to rush the exits
Let's hold onto today

Tell me you hate me/ Over a break beat
Before you tell me that it's mine for the taking
You're motivating/ We could be a great thing
Your motives ain't clean/ Quit acting so saintly

You're gonna make who?/ Wait until you change moods
That ain't news/ The story's long as Atreyu's
Hey Jude/ With a kiss & sip of cane juice
Tres rude/ He's only here to betray you

Don't you wanna be famous?
Don't you wanna be ageless?
Even if you wanna be wannabes,
There's gonna be some maintenance
Oh, suddenly there's patience?
You're cuddly with the day shift?
You may make the A hen you're days away from ancient
The day slips to greyness/ All around the world
It's the same portable playlist/ Adjacent to Page 6
Product placement,
The modern way of saying our graces
It's a shame if all we do is chase to taste the fragrance

Only a sadist/ Would tell me not to stop
I'm squeezing blood out of this rock until it pops
& showing off the diamond to everyone on my block
Until the day that I go down (brrap) in a hail of shots
Or maybe from old age/ You told me I was safe
& I would take your place,
But maybe I just want you to stay

I know I will have to face it
That you're a mirage of my oasis
Blame it on my imagination
Let's hold onto today

It's not like I'm scared to see tomorrow
But you got a seed that I need to borrow
It might grow, if we're not shallow
Let's hold on to today

My guitar weeps gently/ The drum beat's empty
The bass hates its waist & it feels too heavy
The melody's sketchy/ The hook looks deadly
The break is on break & the intro ain't ready

So is it on me to engineer some ingenuity
I never dreamed of genie when I wished for how it used to be
I see a subtle meaning when you say that it's a Crucian thing
This slave about to mutiny can't stand up to the scrutiny
We spin less like rims, more like windmills at Whim
If only god can judge me, only I can judge him
But you the prosecutor pullin' favors for a friend
It is what it is, coulda, shoulda, & woulda been
& Will be/ Serving a run on life sentence
You & me together,
We have forever to measure penance
This all takes place within the span of a second
If you didn't guess, this is the closest we get to perfection
Don't look beyond today, because there only is today
Prove me wrong, call me on a day that ain't today
I'm begging you to stay before it all goes away
don't blame yesterday, say yes, today!

& I know you probably think I'm crazy
But I know you still want to amaze me
We don't know what the hell we're making
Let's hold on to today

I don't want to make the promise
If you don't want to make it honest
& we don't got enough to harvest
All we got is today.


released January 21, 2012
Produced, recorded, & mixed by Domer



all rights reserved


Dyalekt Brooklyn, New York

MC/Educator/Playwright/Actor/Velociraptor/Monkeywrench. He toured internationally with his one man (+1 DJ) Hip Hop play (and curriculum) Square Peg Syndrome. He is a Hip Hop Educator, & has taught Hip Hop for pre-schoolers & Yale grad students alike (& many students back home in the Virgin Islands). Been in many a stag play from the Nuyo to the Public. Rocks w/MINDSpray & Deathrow Tull. ... more

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